Bayer- World Hemophilia Day

Brief:  Planning and implementing a special event with the occasion of World Hemophilia Day, where important representatives of hemophilia organizations and state agencies, doctors and other personalities of the medical life discussed about the situation of the patients in Romania. The National Association of Hemophiliacs in Romania and the Romanian Association of Hemophilia, together with Bayer HealthCare, organized the event.

Action: The event called „The hemophilia patient in Romania, present and future” took place at Novotel Hotel in Bucharest. Guests attended the debate about the situation of the patients and also celebrated 50 years of advancing treatment and awareness by the international community. The set up of the event was elegant, yet formal and simple. We’ve designed and produced all the deliverables: bloc notes, pens, roll-ups, invitations. As for the media relations, we’ve disseminated press releases, invited journalists to the event, arranged interviews and TV appearances for the representatives of hemophilia organizations.