Orasul esti tu!

Brief: With only 2 months ahead before the end of the project we had to create a buzz about the initiative of Active Watch, namely provoking people to feel more involved with their city.

Action: PR & BTL was the mix. 130 PR articles in media, valuing over 120,000 euro, not including here the radio spots on the most important radio stations, the OOH campaign, the 10.000 flyers distributed via Posta Romana offices in Bucharest, the 1500 airings of the spot within all common transportation vehicles and over 300 airings of the TV spot on the subway plasmas. A photo contest invited Bucharest’ inhabitants to send pictures with their city – the way it look and the way it should look in the future. 20 of them were awarded with their exhibition at Unirii metro station. 3 distinct conferences hosted important cultural & political figures. More than 20 dossiers with various problems were selected to be solved in order to create a better life for the people living in the city.