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Direct Marketing

  • Crescendo
  • Badsi Nissan – Quashqai
  • Bancpost – Deposits
  • Bayer – Redoxon
  • Achiveglobal!

Brief: Convincing companies to  purchase a Crescendo Apps module: iPlanner or CRM.

Action: We’ve selected 1200 top companies from Romania to which we’ve sent a newsletter, followed by a hardcopy nominal letter, presenting the advantages of purchasing Crescendo’s services. The message was simple and had a big impact: “Let your business flow!”. During the telemarketing stage, we were proposing prospects’ an appointment through which they could benefit for free of an analysis and optimization solution of the critical business processes within their company.

Results: The client has chosen to run the campaign all year long, because the results were incredible: 11,22% of the prospects were interested in these solutions. We’ve continued with a new campaign for IT&C Crescendo solutions for migration within online environment, which also was a success.


        ​      Brief: Creating a teaser for the existing clients of Badsi Nissan concerning the new Quashqai, without showing the car. The purpose was to influence the potential client’s buying decision, to build clients’ loyalty, to add value through the originality of the concept. Targeted group: 1.000 top clients.

Action: The TV spot that was going to be aired in two weeks after the teasing campaign, featuring the new car as a skateboard. From here resulted the simplicity of our idea: a mini-skateboard made from stainless steel with auto tires for a better semblance. The elegancy of the metal and the wrapping that was marked with “Top Secret” increased interes & orders for the new car among Badi Nissan customers.

Results: The registered sales made any other new car order wait for 6 months to be delivered.




Brief: We were briefed to identify 10,000 potential customers to come to the bank and deposit min 3000 euro

Action: We made a top selection and we first delivered as a teasing phase an email to all prospects wishing them “happy moneyday” (La multi bani!), asking them, in the same time, if they know how to transform a wish in reality. The emailing was followed by mailing – a nominal letter was send to everybody, informing them about the advantageous interests they can get at Bancpost.

Results: In the telemarketing phase 10,19% were interested in the offer and 5,12% effectively deposited at least 3000 euro at the bank. At least 1,5 mil euro were generated by a DM investment of only 1% from the income.



Brief: How to convince highly educated mothers about the effectiveness of Redoxon for their children?

Action: We targeted 100 companies asking them about the no of mothers within the company. Then we sent to everyone of them an envelope with a letter signed by mothers in Bayer, samples of Redoxon and a small wood photo frame (to have a photo of their child with them, at the office).

Results: Nice feedbacks on Bayer’s email and for sure a better image & KOL influence. With repercussions on sales for sure.


Brief: “Achieveglobal – for human performance!” is the best method to increase employees’ professional performance, for the effectiveness of future projects and 100% achievement of the company’s objectives. Our job was to convince managers of that.

Action: We’ve prospected 340 managers to which we’ve sent a newsletter in order to explain the method and its advantages, in order to generate leads.

Results: Doubled the number of appointments (20,82%) and very good feedback.

  • Vodafone
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Suzuki – The dice
  • Orhideea Health & Spa
  • Visual Expert


Biblioteca Digitala!

Brief: In order to encourage students to read and to facilitate their access to books from the high school curricula, Vodafone in partnership with BookLand and McCann Erickson Romania developed the project „Biblioteca Digitala”. A big poster with the name of the books and their QR codes was applied in over 300 high schools all over the country so students can download books for free.

Action: We’ve briefed 450 high schools throughout the entire country via emailing and telemarketing, 300 of these offering us their formal approval to launch this project in their institution. We’ve benefited by the entire support of the Romanian Education and Research Ministry, as well as a part of the County School Inspectorates (including Bucharest). 303 high schools from 17 cities were decorated with „Biblioteca Digitala” poster. 83 high schools were in Bucharest, including Colegiul National Gheorghe Lazar, Colegiul National I. L. Caragiale, Liceul de Arte Plastice Nicolae Tonitza, Colegiul National Iulia Hasdeu, Scoala Centrala and Colegiul National Ion Creanga.

Results: The project was a real success. We’ve received very good feedback from students, teachers and parents.

Original spare parts for independent services

Brief: Considering the crisis and the decrease of car sales, Mercedes Benz Romania came with a smart strategy – to sell original parts to independent services also, not only to their dealers.

Action: To ~700 independent services were sent a nominal letter via email, followed by telemarketing. Simple & effective.

Results: 59% were interested and half of them met the sales team! And the cost of the campaign was the cost of only 2 spare parts set.


Brief: How to communicate the Zero promotion (5 commercial offers: 0% customs taxes, 0 euro matriculation taxes, 0 euro metallic color, 0 euro leasing advance, 0 euro first revision) and also increase sales and traffic in the new showroom, also informing the clients about the change of location?

Action: Firstly we updated the 10 years old database of Suzuki clients. The idea of interaction went hand in hand with the idea of good-luck suggested by the rolling dice. All the combinations were supposed to be winning. The 6-th face of the dice was printed with the sign B&S Motors, actually the Joker offering clients the chance of throwing the dices again. For a better understanding of the promotion we used a “biscuit” cardboard. The two red & blue dices and the cardboard were placed in an unusual round box with two tops painted in two different colors (to accentuate the company’s corporate colors), on the box being written “Zero” to arouse the curiosity of the receivers.

Results: The client has chosen to run the campaign all year long, because the results were incredible. In one year almost all clients came to the showroom and, even if not all of them bought a new car, the sales grew and the same for the awareness of the new location.



Brief: Selling individual or family membership cards during Black Friday and generating online traffic on Orhideea Health & Spa website.

Action: We’ve used a database of 200 carefully selected contacts to which we’ve sent an email containing the presentation of the cards and their benefits.

Results: 10,95% of the prospects were interested in the offer.


Brief: Visual Expert, provider of solutions for audio-video production, postproduction and photography, wanted to promote itself among companies that develop products and/or services which are suitable to be promoted through presentation movies.

Action: Prospecting 500 companies through mailing, emailing and telemarketing in order to generate leads.

Results: Target was overcome with more than 50%, 129 prospects showing interest in establishing an appointment.

describes the process of developing a themed exhibit, display, or presentation to promote a product, service, cause, or organization leveraging in-person engagement

Event Marketing

  • Astra Uniqa
  • Canon
  • LG Electronics
  • Mihaela Tatu
  • OBI
  • Omnilogic



Brief: A creative, socializing event to say hello to the Business Partners and impose Astra Uniqa as Top Aviation Insurance Company. The main objectives of this project were to increase brand notoriety and maintain loyalty. The target group: Aviation Top Management.

Action: We chose an unconventional location: an off-use Boeing airplane on Baneasa platform! The atmosphere created was that of an airplane in the galaxy: visual effects, lights, engine noises, stewardesses, plane tickets, Star Gate entrance. A hijacker threatened the MC–Ramona Badescu, announcing a bomb within the plane. Guests were asked to look for it and save people lives. Clues were posted everywhere. At a certain moment the smoke ‘forced’ the guests to get out via chute – a funny moment we didn’t expect to be so successful (all guests used the chute). Outside the plane the fire dancers were performing an amazing moment, followed by Amadeus band in a live concert.

Action: La finalul lunii Noiembrie a avut loc in Bucuresti o prima intalnire a reprezentantilor Canon Romania cu potentiali parteneri de afaceri, in scopul de a stabili noi colaborari pentru vanzarea produselor Canon, adresate atat B2C, cat si B2B, respectiv persoanelor fizice (camere video, imprimante, scannere) si celor juridice (aparate multifuncţionale cu imprimare pe format mare LFP, sisteme de gestionare a documentelor DIMS). 50 antreprenori au participat la brunch-ul informal si au demarat discutiile in vederea semnarii contractelor de revanzare. Interesul acestor firme este evident bazat pe expertiza si calitatea Canon, precum si pe faptul ca adoptarea echipamentelor hardware si software le poate aduce cresterea cifrei de afaceri alaturi de dezvoltarea portofoliului de clienti.

LG Cool Conferences

Brief: Event that helps reinforcing LG image and national distribution. The objectives to achieve were: expanding the network of partners specialized in air conditioning and promoting the segment of commercial air conditioning equipment LG among architects, designers and real estate developers.

Action: We had to build a database with high affinity potential partners, in order to have 30 guests per day. 1.120 were targeted and the response rate was 20% (224 participants). We implemented a series of conferences in the main cities, where we invited these potential business partners. The concept agreed with the client was “LG Cool Conference”. For transmitting this idea, the invitations were sent in an envelope simulating an air-conditioning device. There were 7 key cities selected for organizing 2 days seminars with different content for the 2 categories of guests (Day 1 – dealers; Day 2 – architects, designers, builders, real estate projects developers). In each location a special display of LG air-conditioning was exposed for demo, with a standard arrangement of the Conference room. The event was divided in 2 parts: products’ presentation and interactive seminar.


Training de dictie, atitudine si vanzari


Brief: The event took place in an appropriate venue, Grand Hotel Continental Bucharest, and lasted for one full day, from 9AM to 5PM. Certainly the participants expected a different course from a different trainer, and a different experience. But everyone recognized that this training has exceeded all expectation. What participants expected from this course was to overcome the fear of a speech in public, to deliver an effective speech, to be heard, understood and listened, to enrich our professional life with another experience that would add value. Through customized exercises the participants discovered how to transmitted the message through intonation, that the correct rhythm and optimal volume are essential in public speaking. There was a huge opportunity to do networking with top people from various areas of activity. It was a very dynamic and interactive training. A training with unforgettable moments provided by the media person Mihaela Tatu, but also with extremely useful information offered by the trainer Mihaela Tatu. In the end, everybody went home with a diploma recognized by the National Authority for Qualifications, which is more than welcome for those who want to advance in any career, but also for those who are starting out or want to switch career pathes.

Action: Training of diction, attitude and sales sustained by the one and only Mihaela Tatu, 20 years experienced public speaker, TV presenter and ANC certified trainer

Launch in Pitesti

Brief: A store launche to raise OBI brand notoriety in Pitesti. The scenario is supposed to underline the quality and the innovation of the German experience. The target: retailer’s suppliers, local authorities and VIPs, local journalists, retailer’s employees and board stuff.

Action: The Legend of Mesterul Manole tells the story of how difficult is to build something durable. Inspired by this tale we thought of an event that highlighted the opposite: with OBI everything becomes easy and solid. We developed a “2 in 1″ event – press conference and cocktail. The location was the new store itself. There hostesses dressed in sexy dungarees were welcoming the guests. In front of the Entrance a team of 10 workers were building a wall from various materials, imitating the facade of Arges Monastery. The walls didn’t fall when “Mesterul Manole”, the MC, checked the quality of materials. Plus, everybody could leave a message on the wall. The ambient music was ‘powerful’ and dynamic, in order to inspire determination, force. On the way out the guest received gifts from the store – flower pots & tape measures.

IT Campus Launching

Brief: An elegant event that celebrated the relocation of Omnilogic in a new IT&C park (the biggest IT campus in Europe) in order to generate awareness, consolidate the positive perception and transmit a powerful message of trust in company’s strength. The target group: business partners and mass media.

Action: What else comes into your mind when you say IT&C, new&innovative technologies … than Matrix? That’s why the concept of the event was build around this Oscar movie. All the elements that composed the event, starting with the invitation, the set-up, the music and the atmosphere reiterated the story of Matrix. Denis Serban – an appreciated actor, here the MC of the event, played the role of Neo. He also entertained the guests with a short one-man play. The guests, over 300 professionals in IT&C field, were led in a tour through the new impressive building. A big screen was placed on the third floor on which sequence of numbers from the movie were projected. Electric Brother completed the atmosphere with his futurist music.

  • Xerox
  • Volksbank

Brief: Design & produce a stand that makes a differentiation.

Action: In a very short period of time (2 weeks) the design, production and installation was done. The concept: a photo studio, in order to better emphasize Xerox printers benefits.

7 years Anniversary party

Brief: The yearly event should gather the most important clients across the country in a dynamic & not at all boring party. Sponsors to be involved also.

Action: The whole database was updated, invitations sent by email & by Post. 75% participated! They were welcomed by 40 hostesses, each ‘branded’ with letters for guests welcoming & check in. Loud music, nonconventional atmosphere, good catering, a lot of drinks and summer heat – these were the ingredients of a successful party. More than 5 music bands performed a great show for the 4500 participants, including VIPs. 80 sponsors (the main 7 brought by us) said yes and used the location & atmosphere to creatively promote their brands. The party was 8 times better than the last one in all regards: number of participants, impact and budget optimization.

We communicate with the target audience directly or indirectly through media with we aim to create and maintain a positive image and create a strong relationship with the audience.

Public Relations














Brief: A social event under the theme “Equal Access In Public Space” was developed for disabled people actively fighting for the right to a normal life.

Action: Three players from the team Motivation Romania and three people from media field played a friendly basketball game, each of them in a wheelchair. The match, organized by Active Watch, Motivation Romania and Light into Europe, took place in October, in AFI Palace Cotroceni. The well-known voice of Cristian Ţopescu made the game possible to be followed even for people with visual impairments.

The sports competition was part of “Borderless”, an accessibility awareness campaign. The campaign aims to gradually increase public space accessibility for people with disabilities in Romania.

Romania is facing a real problem in terms of the accessibility’s degree for the environment and information. Active Watch, together with More Than Pub, by previous actions, has already proved that Romania is not accessible for people with disabilities: sidewalks and public transportation stations surface are not adapted to allow climbing or lowering persons in wheelchairs, are not equipped with traffic lights buzzer in most intersections. In addition, the websites of public authorities have not been made accessible so far to allow access to information for people with visual impairments or psychosocial disabilities.

Brought together, in a basketball game, people in wheelchairs and public communicators speeded the news: people with disabilities may be more skilled than others, even in sport. Persons with disabilities have also the right to have access to school, to work or to vote! They not suppose to meet activity limitations and participation restrictions but rather put their potential, their talents and dedication in benefit of society. The event was a real successful one and, as a feedback, the petition started on the official website of association has reached an incredible number of supporters.

Brief: The march took place on 19th of July and it was dedicated to the rights of pedestrians in Bucharest, where the walking infrastructure is very poor. The march was organized by ActiveWatch, OPTAR and ONPHR. As the PR agency for the march, our attributions were to spread the news and to plan and implement additional BTL actions.

Action: We started by writing and disseminating the press release announcing the march. The highlight of the press release was the experiment conducted by the organizers, which revealed the problems that a person in wheelchair has to face for crossing the intersection of University Square, due to the lack of public space accessibility. We also promoted the march and the experiment via web banners, social media and news. Another BTL awareness and teaser action took place on the underground, where 3 persons in wheelchairs were “Heroes for one day” and invited people to come to the march. Journalists were invited to this action and they interviewed the “heroes”. The action was filmed and we’ve made a short movie, with the soundtrack “Heroes” by David Bowie.














Brief: A launching event for the second Altex store, both formal and with high impact for clients, VIP’s and journalists in Craiova.

Action: The launching event was divided in 2 parts: one which targeted the press, the authorities and the Business Partners and the other one targeting the inhabitants of Craiova city. The press conference & cocktail had as concept “the cadet of Altex family” and as MC Emil Mitrache. For the audience delight, the two actors from the “familia Multemedia” TV Spot were present at the event performing live their funny moments. In the evening we organized a big concert in front of the new Altex store for the people in Craiova. Proconsul and Elena Gheorghe provided the incendiary atmosphere on a very cold weather.














Brief: To increase Altex website notoriety and attract Journalists and Consumers’ attention towards the new interface of the website and online shopping benefits. How? Press Conference.

Action: This event meant the beginning of collaboration with Altex – our creativity convinced them to accept us as a partner. The concept of the press conference was “Piticot Country”. The Journalists were first teased with a question which received 56 answers in 2 hours: “Which is the smallest object in the world?”. Based on the answers they got a voucher of 150 lei, supposed to be spent within the surprise event. It took place at a kinder garden were the 60 Journalists were welcomed by children dressed as grown-ups, playing very serious roles. All things in the conference rooms were “the smallest”, including the stage or dishes. The only big things were Altex various funny gifts that guests could pick up based on the voucher and their preferences by answering a fairy tale question, simulating the virtual shopping. Almost 100 articles were written in 2 days about the re-launch of Altex’ website.














Brief: The Pet Food Producers Association wanted to raise children awareness on responsible pet care.

Action: 5429 children from 61 schools in Bucharest attended the educational program “The ABC for pets”. Four vets explained the criteria for choosing a pet and how should children feed and take care of them. The meetings were interactive and simple, so that every child understood the rules of cohabiting with an animal. Moreover, the professors had also the chance to learn interesting things about pets, like the positive psychological effect that pets have upon children development. The program ended with an important event for pet lovers, that took place on the 1st of June, in Herastrau Park, and it was presented by Florentina Opris. Contests, dog training,  exhibitions, pet fashion, face painting and other interesting activities made the day for approximately ……. children, parents and pet lovers. The program had very good media coverage – a total of …. articles and broadcast news.














Brief:  Planning and implementing a special event with the occasion of World Hemophilia Day, where important representatives of hemophilia organizations and state agencies, doctors and other personalities of the medical life discussed about the situation of the patients in Romania. The National Association of Hemophiliacs in Romania and the Romanian Association of Hemophilia, together with Bayer HealthCare, organized the event.

Action: The event called „The hemophilia patient in Romania, present and future” took place at Novotel Hotel in Bucharest. Guests attended the debate about the situation of the patients and also celebrated 50 years of advancing treatment and awareness by the international community. The set up of the event was elegant, yet formal and simple. We’ve designed and produced all the deliverables: bloc notes, pens, roll-ups, invitations. As for the media relations, we’ve disseminated press releases, invited journalists to the event, arranged interviews and TV appearances for the representatives of hemophilia organizations.














Brief: To create the strategy and implement the PR campaign, to establish media partnerships, to invite all high schools and universities, to do all the creative work (over 100 jobs), to update & maintain the website, to sign contracts & supervise the music bands and actors involved and to organize de 5 days event, also assisting the Spanish guests (Spain being the invited country for this edition). And many more…

Action: Within only 26 working days we had at pur disposal for this well known book fair event, second as importance, we wrote so many PR articles that we generated over 600 press insertions (TV & Radio spots and Print ad not included here…) in total Rate Card value of over 400.000 euro. And we brought sponsorships in value of 20.000 euro. Publishers said it was the best promoted edition ever.







Because we love shoes!














Brief: the event was a good opportunity to meet with the journalists and fashion bloggers, bound with them in Christmas spirit.

Action: The journalists were invited at Cesianu Racovita Palace, a remarkable venue, ideal for the theme of the event. The guests confessed that to be very impressed by the fairytale land depicted in front of them. Three Christmas trees waited in the main room to be decorated by the journalists and the tables were full of colored decorations. For a few moments, all our guests transformed themselves into children and, overwhelmed by the Christmas atmosphere, they started making personalized decorations from CD’s, gingerbread and light bulbs. After the event, the trees were donated to three orphanages.

Carmina Tenera children’s choir surprised our guests with their amazing voices and overwhelmed their souls with the most beloved carols, sang in Romanian, English and German. The atmosphere was entertained by Vasile Calofir – “the actor with one thousand faces” – and the actor Petru Ciobanu.

The journalists received a beautiful and useful gift from Deichmann as they left – a pair of fluffy slippers of their size waited for them. Due to the massive success of this event, it will become an annual tradition for Deichmann.



































Brief: Deichmann was launching the 50th store and celebrating 5 years in Romania. That’s a nice occasion to plan a press event, isn’t it? 2 in 1 event.

Action: Having in mind that it had to be an event dedicated to shoes and feet, we’ve planned everything in dancing steps. “Salsa for you” was the perfect place to celebrate and Fabian Sanchez, the master of latino dances, and his dancing team made all the journalists dance and have fun. Bachata, salsa, merengue, reggaeton spiced up the event. All the girls received a discount voucher for attending Fabian’s dance classes. Of course, the set up and the catering completed the fine atmosphere: green carpet, shoes and crystals, cocktails, shoe designed cake and photo shooting session.
























Brief: A Christmas party for Deichmann, targeting the beauty / lifestyle bloggers and journalists in Bucharest.

Action: The event was divided in several key moments: the journalists have decorated Santa’s stockings and the Christmas tree, we organized a carol concert performed by Carmina Tenera children’s choir and a raffle for the participants. Fabian Sanchez was responsible with entertaining the guests and we had many funny contests with gifts from Deichmann. The tree and the Christmas decorations were donated to the children from Marius Nasta Hospital.













Brief: Raise female Romanian fashion bloggers’ awareness and interest towards Deichmann brand, as an affordable fashionably footwear choice. Naturally, bloggers will have to share their experience with their readers and friends, so much more people would be reached.

Action: We launched a very engaging and provocative contest, which lead to real fashion experiences for participants and intense online coverage. Considering their awareness and social media exposure, we’ve selected 11 bloggers and offered them shopping vouchers worth 100 lei for buying a pair of shoes from Deichmann and create their own perfect summer look. All the outfits were created based on the “Summer in the city” theme. The bloggers had to share their outfits on their blogs and Facebook pages in order to sign up for the 3 prizes: shopping vouchers worth 1.000 lei, 700 lei and 400 lei. The contest was received with lots of enthusiasms by bloggers, which made the most out of it and passed on a great ‘Deichmann feeling’ to their readers. Here are the numbers: 162 blog comments and 102.227 people reached on Facebook!




































Brief: Takko Fashion wanted a press event for presenting the fall collection. But the goal wasn’t just to display the new cloths, but to make journalists interact and fall in love with them.

Action: We thought: what do fashion journalists love the most? Fashion! Combining clothes and accessories, creating outfits, having dozens of fashion items to choose from. So we’ve engaged them in a contest consisting in creating 3 fall outfits: party, office and night out. It was very simple: an online application was designed for them to choose and combine the clothes from the new Takko Fashion collection. In the night of the event, the outfits were displayed on TV screens and each journalist had to vote 3 favorites outfits. The winners got shopping vouchers. Another question was ‘where do fashion journalists like to party’? A glamorous, innovative club was the correct answer: Gaia Boutique Club. And what band would have them go wild? A band of 8 charming and talented boys would surely do the trick: Les Elephants Bizarres. And it did! 96 journalists felt in love with Takko Fashion.














Brief: A mass-media event for launching the silent vacuum cleaner – Rowenta Silence Force – was our mission. Not a simple press conference, but an engaging event.

Action: The invitation to the press conference sent to the Journalists was accompanied by a quiet whistle for transmitting the idea of absolute silence, just like Rowenta Silence Force. At the event location, the hostesses were dressed up like Freddie Mercury in the clip “I want to break free”, handling a Rowenta vacuum cleaner from the entrance of Media Galaxy store to Home&Cinema department. The entire set-up inspired the atmosphere of this clip: lights, colors, furniture. Dan Puric provided the entertainment in a pantomime scene and Rodica-Popescu Bitanescu in a small play, both creatively describing product benefits. At the end all guests received as a present… guess what… a little broom.

P.S. This is how Altex noticed us and gave us the website re-launch brief 😉



















Brief: Promoting the independent production “Déjà vu”, directed by Dan Chisu. The movie tells the story of Mihai, who has an affair with Tania for 3 years and decides to confess his relationship to his wife. The main character doesn’t appear in any scene, he is revealed through the eyes of his mother, his mistress and his wife. The spectator sees only what Mihai sees in 75 minutes of his life.

Action:  We used a mix of PR, ATL, BTL and social media tactics. Our creative team designed the movie poster, the roll-up, the web banners and the invitations. The radio commercial and the Facebook and online content were our creations, as well. Journalists and bloggers were invited to separated previews, were Dan Chisu and the actors were present for Q&As. The movie’s premiere was a success, gathering numerous VIPs and film critics. Dan Chisu and his team were invited in TV and radio shows. We also maintained a good relation with journalists from all the cities were the film was screened.



















Brief: People with psychosocial disabilities have told the stories of their life, as it is full of obstacles but also of hope, in an impressive and welcomed press event, at tearoom ARTea.

Action: At the inspired initiative of the group “Decide For Myself!”, the first group of civic initiative in Romania comprised of individuals with psychosocial disabilities, More Than Pub offered to the journalists and bloggers the opportunity of discovering what lies behind the label carried by Romanian persons with psychosocial disabilities. Catalin, Paul, Antonia, Philip, Michael, Gabriel, Carmen and Claudia became “books” with souls, minds and extraordinary stories of life in the Living Library press event. The eight “books” with souls could be borrowed by “readers” of “library” and read from cover to cover. They answered questions from journalists on their disabilities, social obstacles they’re facing daily, but also on their thoughts, dreams and aspirations. During the event, the journalists discussed with members of the group, trying to outline how their lives flow.

Through their work, the members of the group “Decide For Myself!” wanted to raise awareness of the rights and opportunities of self and civic action of people with psychosocial disabilities, but also to familiarize the public with mental health disorders, tearing down myths and stereotypes about it.







Brief: Launching Montblanc “Princesse Grace de Monaco” Collection in Romania, within a stylish, high class event dedicated to VIP clients and mass-media representatives. The collection of exquisite timepieces, fine writing instruments and precious jewelry pays tribute to Grace Kelly’s unprecedented elegance.

Action: The event took place at Montblanc Boutique, on Victoriei Street in Bucharest. Everything, from the red carpet to distinguished decorations and fine cuisine, was perfectly set up for reflecting the spirit and the elegance of Grace Kelly icon and the collection which celebrates her life. Each hostess reminded of the charm and beauty of Grace Kelly, by reproducing her outfit, coiffure and make up. The speaker of the event was Rudolf Supan, Montblanc Manager Regional Distribution. Important guests from the Romanian public life attended the event, next to …… (number) journalists from renowned publications. The event had a very good impact on journalists, each one of them publishing articles about Montblanc new collection.







Brief: The most awaited event of the year by advertising fans, the 19th edition of  Night of the Adeaters. It was held on November 7 at the Polyvalent Hall from Bucharest. Communication at superlative was the key word!

Action: Projections worldwide viewed, live and interactive atmosphere and good music made the delight of advertising addicted, until dawn. In a seven hours of interactive program, enthusiasts have watched commercials debated by famous communication& advertising specialists. It surely convinced the audience – thousands of people – that Romania is still rolling in advertising industry! Jean-Marie Boursicot, the creator of the concept was also present. As was expected, original contests and the very special moments glamoured the event, where the fun had the place of honour all night long. The 19th edition of Night of the Adeaters scored a huge success in terms of media coverage, being an event which undoubtedly remained for loooong time in the collective memory!














Brief: With only 2 months ahead before the end of the project we had to create a buzz about the initiative of Active Watch, namely provoking people to feel more involved with their city.

Action: PR & BTL was the mix. 130 PR articles in media, valuing over 120,000 euro, not including here the radio spots on the most important radio stations, the OOH campaign, the 10.000 flyers distributed via Posta Romana offices in Bucharest, the 1500 airings of the spot within all common transportation vehicles and over 300 airings of the TV spot on the subway plasmas. A photo contest invited Bucharest’ inhabitants to send pictures with their city – the way it look and the way it should look in the future. 20 of them were awarded with their exhibition at Unirii metro station. 3 distinct conferences hosted important cultural & political figures. More than 20 dossiers with various problems were selected to be solved in order to create a better life for the people living in the city.













Brief: The Platform for Bucharest, a coalition of 47 non-governmental organizations that advocate for participatory democracy in all decisions relating to Bucharest, wanted to develop a public campaign for Bucharest Pact – a strategic document on the development of Bucharest for the next four years, divided into nine chapters: decision transparency, procedural requirements with implications on all areas of public action, urban planning and urban design, procedures in construction, mobility and transportation, environmental protection, protection of built heritage, social protection and animal welfare.

Action: We started this complex campaign with the first step: creating the identity for The Platform for Bucharest and for Bucharest Pact: logo, website face-lift, document templates and other customized materials. After that, we defined media partnerships for the campaign targeted to the Bucharest citizens. The message about the Pact and the call for people contribution was spread by radio spots, OOH and a photography exhibition. We also planned a contest to motivate citizens to be more active regarding the development and the problems of their town. The other targeted group of Bucharest Pact was represented by candidates to Bucharest town hall and public institutions. We planned a meeting with the candidates to sign the Pact and an awards gala for institutions that implemented the measures proposed by The Platform for Bucharest in the previous edition of Bucharest Pact.









Brief: The press conference occasioned by the National Finals of Rowenta Elite Model Look, at World Trade Plaza Bucharest, in October, was a perfect goal for an official meeting with the beauty journalists and bloggers.

Action: As a Beauty Ambassador, Rowenta supports modern woman and joined for the fifth time Elite Model Look, the world’s biggest modeling contest. On behalf of our long-term client, Groupe SEB (with the brand Rowenta), main sponsor of the event, our agency invited the beauty media specialists and renewed the bond between the brand Rowenta and the media in a premium press event. Also it sustained the media campaign of the event. Speaker of the press conference, Mrs. Gabriela Velicu – Rowenta Marketing Manager, Groupe SEB shared to the attendees ideas about the importance of Rowenta as worldwide known brand and as Title Sponsor of the most prestigious international model scouting. At the conference participated over 30 beauty editors and well-known beauty bloggers enthusiastic about the show and the details from backstage.

Alexandra Micu and David Petcu were the two teenagers chosen in this series at Elite Model Look World Final, they represented Romania at the World Finals 31st Elite Model Look contest in December 2014, in Shenzhen, China.














Brief: A serie of 3 trainings organized in Bucharest and Poiana Brasov, to strengthen relations between Groupe Seb, producer of the worldwide known brands like Rowenta, Tefal, Moulinex, Krups, and his partners: Domo, Altex, Flanco.

Action: In Bucharest, the training lasted the entire day. In the morning there were product presentations and workshops, during which the participants found out every detail about the products from Groupe Seb portfolio marketed by them. In the evening was organized a cocktail party during which Ionut Ivanov, Vice-champion National Bartending, impressed the audience with an exceptional show with flying and burning cocktails!

The two trainings in Poiana Brasov kept information and entertainment as key words. Sales force members had the opportunity to meet the Groupe Seb team. Participants took advantage of this occasion for developing a friendship relation between team members and also they strengthened the professional bond. They learned more about Groupe Seb and its premium quality products, present in Romania since 1996 through top brands as Rowenta, Tefal, Moulinex, Krups.

Blending business with pleasure, after workshops there were created six teams, each of them receiving a thematic box with different matched items, including Groupe Seb products. Using objects from boxes, the participants were asked to direct a scene from a specific wellknown movie. This game was very well received, stimulating creativity and team spirit. Finally, the participants were awarded with diplomas and medals in recognition of their… artistic talents! These days of training were also completed with an awesome surprise-party, taking the fun until dawn!













Brief: Takko Fashion wanted a press event for presenting the fall collection. But the goal wasn’t just to display the new cloths, but to make journalists interact and fall in love with them.

Action: So we’ve engaged them in a contest consisting in creating 3 fall outfits: party, office and night out. It was very simple: an online application was designed for them to choose and combine the clothes from the new Takko Fashion collection.













Brief: After 5 years on the Romanian market, in September 2012 it was the moment for Takko Fashion to say hello to the Romanian journalists.

Action: It was a spectacular meeting and celebration! The event took place at the Diplomatic Club, where the two charismatic boys from “Black & White” band performed and introduced the interesting activities prepared for our 90 guests. Depending on the measure and color the fashion journalists had chosen by e-mail, as asked in the invitation, they received a nice shirt, in order to make them part of two teams. They watched a fashion show, each team having to decide the correct price of each outfit presented. The members of the winning team were rewarded with shopping vouchers. The Takko Fashion Romanian representatives had the chance to talk to the press and present the company philosophy. The media coverage of the event was exceptional – one more reason for winning Takko Fashion as a long term client.














Brief: This magic cocktail was a great opportunity to maintain and further to sustain a good relationship with the journalists and introduce them a preview of Spring Collection 2015.

Action: The event intended to celebrate the ending of 2014 and took place at SkyBar Dorobanti, an exclusive cosmopolitan bar&lounge downtown Bucharest.

The atmosphere was very friendly and warm; every guest enjoyed the relaxing moment after a very busy period of year.

The guests were entertained by an unconventional magician, who put a smile on our guests’ faces and surprised them with different and personalized numbers of magic. And of course the Magic Cocktail wouldn’t have been complete without an amazing candy bar and special cocktails.

At the event were present 82 fashion editors representing the most popular Romanian magazines and the highest traffic women websites, also well-recognized fashion bloggers.

























Brief: The launching event for Pancakes Factory, a good reason to reaffirm the love of Tefal for good food and innovation

Action: The event took place at Simbio, one of the hottest place in town. The list of guests numbered over 80 (!) journalists from most prestigious cooking publications and well-known cooking bloggers. This was a perfect way to start a day, with delicious pancakes, hot fresh coffee and… smiles. Once arrived, journalists were invited to take a picture at the “Tefal Pancake Tour” spider. Of course, every pancake lover must have a proper baking outfit and therefore they received a Tefal-branded apron.

There were many surprises for journalists. After photos, they have been welcomed into a real Pancakes World, in an entertaining atmosphere. The editor-in-chief of Good Food Magazine, Cristina Mazilu, has been delighted the guests with fresh cooked pancakes, salted and sweet. The guests decorated the pancakes at their inspiration, with coconut and candies, cream, mint, jam and for their talent they were rewarded with many kitchen appliances from Tefal!

All the guests have been welcomed with aprons and at their leaving they received a special frying pan for pancakes and a jar of jam!

The successful event ended with long-expected contest/raffle. The participants who offered creative answers at the question fron the invitation asked won, by random, three amazing prizes offered by Tefal.

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Brief: concept, promotion, mechanism, implementation for a cartridge 6 months discount program in Altex stores network.

Action: Nothing simple or overused. But creative and unique: targeting couples through their children (flyer sampling at cinema only for kids movies), co-op with a big shoes producer (“Did you ruin your shoes searching for the perfect house?”), Wedding list – you know there are those shops where the groom & the bride are going to establish what they need for their house, for their friends to know what to buy them? Why not those money as an advance for the house? A house bought from Adama, of course. And very targeted Direct Marketing campaigns: towards playgrounds (where the parents are spending their time with the kids), gynecology clinics (because there, future moms are spending some time… and soon they’ll need a bigger home) and hairstyling salons (where future brides are preparing for the big event). Still ongoing campaign;)







Brief: concept, promotion, mechanism, implementation for a cartridge 6 months discount program in Altex stores network

Action: a complex & targeted mix of PR, ATL, BTL and DM reached client’s expectations: special projects in media (online & offline), indoor CSR activity, inflatable exposure in Unirii Square, special co-op with another two producers to renovate one of the most important subway station, branding in hairstyling salons & decoration stores, drop mailing & mailing towards high affinity prospects and, of course, PR activities. Also an opening of Akzo Nobel first showroom implemented, where the journalists were invited to paint a canvas sheet with Akzo Nobel paints and bring it there.













Brief: increase awareness, generate trial and generate sales for all above brands within max 2 months period. Minimal budget. Great expectations!

Action: Direct contact with the potential customer, via BTL, Online, Promotions, Exhibitions, Sampling, PR, Online actions, Direct Marketing. Namely: actions in Commercial centers & Shops with accessories for children, Outdoor actions, sampling in nurseries and playgrounds, even in churches (baby shower gel), sampling in a Private medical center, sampling in Furniture shopping centers, sampling in pharmacies across the country, sampling within exhibitions dedicated to babies, sampling in cinemas for baby cartoons, direct marketing activities for mothers in business centers, sampling in a gas stations chain, sampling within sandwich machines. Results: more the 160.000 samples were carefully distributed to right & various target groups in very creative way. Friendly contact was made by a brand with the consumers. 155 articles in mass media in total Rate Card value of over 50.000 euro were read by 4 mil prospects.







Brief: concept, promotion, mechanism, implementation for a cartridge 6 months discount program in Altex stores network.

Action: Lots of PR. And DM. Plus some BTL acitivites. PR ‘abused’ all possible ways to reach the audience: articles, news, contests with prizes, FB. The DM campaign targeted nutrition doctors that got personalized 10% discount vouchers, so they can offer them to clients needing some help in the kitchen. Based on the no of vouchers returned to the company, they got Tefal products as incentives. Participation to health & lifestyle dedicated exhibitions with demo sessions. Results: more sales & More than Pub in the 5th year of collaboration.








Brief: concept, promotion, mechanism, implementation for a cartridge 6 months discount program in Altex stores network

Action: Under “Low ink, low prices!” a successful campaign run, doubling the sales compared to previous period. How? Simple: basic mix of Radio, some PR and Outdoor, in store promotion and online communication. With a very reasonable budget for continuous 6 months. The sincere promise that if they won’t find the product on the shelves, they’ll be rewarded with a free one, convinced people to buy HP original cartridges.

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Brief: How to increase travel corporate sales?

Action: Via DM. But using a promotional offer, that co interested the decision makers within targeted companies. They received a letter of intention accompanied by a nominal voucher with 100 euro ready to be spent by the addressee… but only after he spent 20.000 euro first. Minimum 10% sales leads generation forecasted!







Brief: How to raise Redoxon sales, a new product launched by Bayer in May’11

Action: By being very ‘intrusive’. Direct contact with the potential customer via BTL, Online, Promotions, Exhibitions, Sampling, PR, Online actions, Direct Marketing. Namely: actions in Commercial centers & Shops with accessories for children, Outdoor actions, sampling in nurseries and playgrounds, sampling in a Private medical center, sampling in Furniture shopping centers, sampling in pharmacies across the country, sampling within exhibitions dedicated to babies, sampling in cinemas for baby cartoons, direct marketing activities for mothers in business centers, sampling to journalists. Results: more the 32.000 samples were carefully distributed to right & various target groups in very creative way. Friendly contact was made by Bayer brands with the consumers. 89 articles in mass media in total Rate Card value of over 24.000 euro were read by 2,5 mill prospects.







Brief: A small mall in Suceava, but centrally located. Target: generate awareness, traffic & sales increase during various occasions during the year (Easter, Summer, Christmas)

Action: Under the pressure of small budget & fast implementation we came up with “Bulina” saga translated in various promotions: “Ia-ti bulina de la Bucovina” (Summer 2009) / “Bulina se intoarce” (Christmas 2009) / “Ce a fost prima? Oul sau bulina?” (Easter 2010) / “Canta si impodobeste cu bulina bradul de la Bucovina!” (Christmas 2010). Huge awareness, super sales, satisfied tenants!







Brief: Why not unite two similar interests in a great campaign? For the first time More than Pub facilitated a co-op between the two giants. And that because sales & awareness interests of both companies targeted the same consumers… why not create a synergy and attract via both complementary forces client’s attention and money?

Action: For 45 days, starting end of Oct till middle of Dec 2010, every Petrom client fueling his / her car with a minimal quantity of gas, received a coupon. After filling in all their personal contact data, a daily lucky draw organized in the daily wining stations (based on a random selection made by a special software application) generated 45 winners, which received their tires, according to their car needs. 5 million coupons produced and Radio campaign aired. And I’m sure these two brand will work together in the future also!







Brief: Image campaign through direct communication, for increasing the notoriety & sales of Toyota Yaris and Toyots Auris car models.

Action: With the prior approval of 100 companies, 2 Toyota cars (Yaris and Auris) were sent (together with sales consultants) on the day agreed at the companies, for employees to benefit of individual sessions of test drive. At the end of the day all the employees received a card, which offered them a special discount at the acquisition.

Communication in business can be the difference between profit and loss.

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Brief: Takko Fashion wanted a press event for presenting the fall collection. But the goal wasn’t just to display the new cloths, but to make journalists interact and fall in love with them.

Action: So we’ve engaged them in a contest consisting in creating 3 fall outfits: party, office and night out. It was very simple: an online application was designed for them to choose and combine the clothes from the new Takko Fashion collection.







Brief: communicate brand benefits to mothers

Action: through a smart PR & online communication we created buzz around the Bepanthol contests in print, online and social media: Mamica de azi, Baby.ro and Electrofun.ro, where 60 Bepanthol Baby products were offered to winners voted for the best pictures with their babies having a bath. Over 150 mentioning of the brand were made in online media, gathering over 20.000 euro Rate Card. The first 3 mothers got a professional photo session and an album for their precious too.







Brief: How to increase sales with a price promotion?

Action: We doubled it! How: an ordinary discount was guaranteed no matter when & where in Altex network. Facebook campaign & special placement on high affinity websites brought high visibility and traffic increase through web banners. 6 months campaign with sequential flights. An online photo contest invited people to send their best pictures with the theme “Life full of color” – 10 winners received the last Inkjet HP printers. As a novelty, 50% of the first declared winners lied about the authenticity of their pictures… that eager were to win the printer… in the end the right winners got the prize.







Brief: Koliba wanted a facebook event for presenting the brand. But the goal wasn’t just to display the product, but to make people buying and fall in love with them.

Action: So we’ve engaged them in a contest consisting in answering one question a day for 10 days. It was very simple: Camelia Capitanu cooked using Koliba ingredients and than she put a question from that recepie.







Brief: communicate Dulux benefits via online

Action: Witk Kudika we created an online contest where women were invited to describe what color is making them dreaming – the best reasoning was awarded with the full renovation of her house. 353 comments, great impact! And a happy winner.

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