Brief: concept, promotion, mechanism, implementation for a cartridge 6 months discount program in Altex stores network.

Action: Nothing simple or overused. But creative and unique: targeting couples through their children (flyer sampling at cinema only for kids movies), co-op with a big shoes producer (“Did you ruin your shoes searching for the perfect house?”), Wedding list – you know there are those shops where the groom & the bride are going to establish what they need for their house, for their friends to know what to buy them? Why not those money as an advance for the house? A house bought from Adama, of course. And very targeted Direct Marketing campaigns: towards playgrounds (where the parents are spending their time with the kids), gynecology clinics (because there, future moms are spending some time… and soon they’ll need a bigger home) and hairstyling salons (where future brides are preparing for the big event). Still ongoing campaign;)