Altex – Website reLaunch

Brief: To increase Altex website notoriety and attract Journalists and Consumers’ attention towards the new interface of the website and online shopping benefits. How? Press Conference.

Action: This event meant the beginning of collaboration with Altex – our creativity convinced them to accept us as a partner. The concept of the press conference was “Piticot Country”. The Journalists were first teased with a question which received 56 answers in 2 hours: “Which is the smallest object in the world?”. Based on the answers they got a voucher of 150 lei, supposed to be spent within the surprise event. It took place at a kinder garden were the 60 Journalists were welcomed by children dressed as grown-ups, playing very serious roles. All things in the conference rooms were “the smallest”, including the stage or dishes. The only big things were Altex various funny gifts that guests could pick up based on the voucher and their preferences by answering a fairy tale question, simulating the virtual shopping. Almost 100 articles were written in 2 days about the re-launch of Altex’ website.