Brief: A creative, socializing event to say hello to the Business Partners and impose Astra Uniqa as Top Aviation Insurance Company. The main objectives of this project were to increase brand notoriety and maintain loyalty. The target group: Aviation Top Management.

Action: We chose an unconventional location: an off-use Boeing airplane on Baneasa platform! The atmosphere created was that of an airplane in the galaxy: visual effects, lights, engine noises, stewardesses, plane tickets, Star Gate entrance. A hijacker threatened the MC–Ramona Badescu, announcing a bomb within the plane. Guests were asked to look for it and save people lives. Clues were posted everywhere. At a certain moment the smoke ‘forced’ the guests to get out via chute – a funny moment we didn’t expect to be so successful (all guests used the chute). Outside the plane the fire dancers were performing an amazing moment, followed by Amadeus band in a live concert.