Badsi Nissan – Quashqai

Brief: Creating a teaser for the existing clients of Badsi Nissan concerning the new Quashqai, without showing the car. The purpose was to influence the potential client’s buying decision, to build clients’ loyalty, to add value through the originality of the concept. Targeted group: 1.000 top clients.

Action: The TV spot that was going to be aired in two weeks after the teasing campaign, featuring the new car as a skateboard. From here resulted the simplicity of our idea: a mini-skateboard made from stainless steel with auto tires for a better semblance. The elegancy of the metal and the wrapping that was marked with “Top Secret” increased interes & orders for the new car among Badi Nissan customers.

Results: The registered sales made any other new car order wait for 6 months to be delivered.