Bayer – Bepanthol

Brief: increase awareness, generate trial and generate sales for all above brands within max 2 months period. Minimal budget. Great expectations!

Action: Direct contact with the potential customer, via BTL, Online, Promotions, Exhibitions, Sampling, PR, Online actions, Direct Marketing. Namely: actions in Commercial centers & Shops with accessories for children, Outdoor actions, sampling in nurseries and playgrounds, even in churches (baby shower gel), sampling in a Private medical center, sampling in Furniture shopping centers, sampling in pharmacies across the country, sampling within exhibitions dedicated to babies, sampling in cinemas for baby cartoons, direct marketing activities for mothers in business centers, sampling in a gas stations chain, sampling within sandwich machines. Results: more the 160.000 samples were carefully distributed to right & various target groups in very creative way. Friendly contact was made by a brand with the consumers. 155 articles in mass media in total Rate Card value of over 50.000 euro were read by 4 mil prospects.