Deichmann Christmas Event

Brief: the event was a good opportunity to meet with the journalists and fashion bloggers, bound with them in Christmas spirit.

Action: The journalists were invited at Cesianu Racovita Palace, a remarkable venue, ideal for the theme of the event. The guests confessed that to be very impressed by the fairytale land depicted in front of them. Three Christmas trees waited in the main room to be decorated by the journalists and the tables were full of colored decorations. For a few moments, all our guests transformed themselves into children and, overwhelmed by the Christmas atmosphere, they started making personalized decorations from CD’s, gingerbread and light bulbs. After the event, the trees were donated to three orphanages.

Carmina Tenera children’s choir surprised our guests with their amazing voices and overwhelmed their souls with the most beloved carols, sang in Romanian, English and German. The atmosphere was entertained by Vasile Calofir – “the actor with one thousand faces” – and the actor Petru Ciobanu.

The journalists received a beautiful and useful gift from Deichmann as they left – a pair of fluffy slippers of their size waited for them. Due to the massive success of this event, it will become an annual tradition for Deichmann.