Deichmann – Summer in the city

Brief: Raise female Romanian fashion bloggers’ awareness and interest towards Deichmann brand, as an affordable fashionably footwear choice. Naturally, bloggers will have to share their experience with their readers and friends, so much more people would be reached.

Action: We launched a very engaging and provocative contest, which lead to real fashion experiences for participants and intense online coverage. Considering their awareness and social media exposure, we’ve selected 11 bloggers and offered them shopping vouchers worth 100 lei for buying a pair of shoes from Deichmann and create their own perfect summer look. All the outfits were created based on the “Summer in the city” theme. The bloggers had to share their outfits on their blogs and Facebook pages in order to sign up for the 3 prizes: shopping vouchers worth 1.000 lei, 700 lei and 400 lei. The contest was received with lots of enthusiasms by bloggers, which made the most out of it and passed on a great ‘Deichmann feeling’ to their readers. Here are the numbers: 162 blog comments and 102.227 people reached on Facebook!