LG Cool Conferences

Brief: Event that helps reinforcing LG image and national distribution. The objectives to achieve were: expanding the network of partners specialized in air conditioning and promoting the segment of commercial air conditioning equipment LG among architects, designers and real estate developers.

Action: We had to build a database with high affinity potential partners, in order to have 30 guests per day. 1.120 were targeted and the response rate was 20% (224 participants). We implemented a series of conferences in the main cities, where we invited these potential business partners. The concept agreed with the client was “LG Cool Conference”. For transmitting this idea, the invitations were sent in an envelope simulating an air-conditioning device. There were 7 key cities selected for organizing 2 days seminars with different content for the 2 categories of guests (Day 1 – dealers; Day 2 – architects, designers, builders, real estate projects developers). In each location a special display of LG air-conditioning was exposed for demo, with a standard arrangement of the Conference room. The event was divided in 2 parts: products’ presentation and interactive seminar.