Living Library

Brief: People with psychosocial disabilities have told the stories of their life, as it is full of obstacles but also of hope, in an impressive and welcomed press event, at tearoom ARTea.

Action: At the inspired initiative of the group “Decide For Myself!”, the first group of civic initiative in Romania comprised of individuals with psychosocial disabilities, More Than Pub offered to the journalists and bloggers the opportunity of discovering what lies behind the label carried by Romanian persons with psychosocial disabilities. Catalin, Paul, Antonia, Philip, Michael, Gabriel, Carmen and Claudia became “books” with souls, minds and extraordinary stories of life in the Living Library press event. The eight “books” with souls could be borrowed by “readers” of “library” and read from cover to cover. They answered questions from journalists on their disabilities, social obstacles they’re facing daily, but also on their thoughts, dreams and aspirations. During the event, the journalists discussed with members of the group, trying to outline how their lives flow.

Through their work, the members of the group “Decide For Myself!” wanted to raise awareness of the rights and opportunities of self and civic action of people with psychosocial disabilities, but also to familiarize the public with mental health disorders, tearing down myths and stereotypes about it.