IT Campus Launching

Brief: An elegant event that celebrated the relocation of Omnilogic in a new IT&C park (the biggest IT campus in Europe) in order to generate awareness, consolidate the positive perception and transmit a powerful message of trust in company’s strength. The target group: business partners and mass media.

Action: What else comes into your mind when you say IT&C, new&innovative technologies … than Matrix? That’s why the concept of the event was build around this Oscar movie. All the elements that composed the event, starting with the invitation, the set-up, the music and the atmosphere reiterated the story of Matrix. Denis Serban – an appreciated actor, here the MC of the event, played the role of Neo. He also entertained the guests with a short one-man play. The guests, over 300 professionals in IT&C field, were led in a tour through the new impressive building. A big screen was placed on the third floor on which sequence of numbers from the movie were projected. Electric Brother completed the atmosphere with his futurist music.