Platforma pentru Bucuresti

Brief: The Platform for Bucharest, a coalition of 47 non-governmental organizations that advocate for participatory democracy in all decisions relating to Bucharest, wanted to develop a public campaign for Bucharest Pact – a strategic document on the development of Bucharest for the next four years, divided into nine chapters: decision transparency, procedural requirements with implications on all areas of public action, urban planning and urban design, procedures in construction, mobility and transportation, environmental protection, protection of built heritage, social protection and animal welfare.

Action: We started this complex campaign with the first step: creating the identity for The Platform for Bucharest and for Bucharest Pact: logo, website face-lift, document templates and other customized materials. After that, we defined media partnerships for the campaign targeted to the Bucharest citizens. The message about the Pact and the call for people contribution was spread by radio spots, OOH and a photography exhibition. We also planned a contest to motivate citizens to be more active regarding the development and the problems of their town. The other targeted group of Bucharest Pact was represented by candidates to Bucharest town hall and public institutions. We planned a meeting with the candidates to sign the Pact and an awards gala for institutions that implemented the measures proposed by The Platform for Bucharest in the previous edition of Bucharest Pact.