Brief: How to communicate the Zero promotion (5 commercial offers: 0% customs taxes, 0 euro matriculation taxes, 0 euro metallic color, 0 euro leasing advance, 0 euro first revision) and also increase sales and traffic in the new showroom, also informing the clients about the change of location?

Action: Firstly we updated the 10 years old database of Suzuki clients. The idea of interaction went hand in hand with the idea of good-luck suggested by the rolling dice. All the combinations were supposed to be winning. The 6-th face of the dice was printed with the sign B&S Motors, actually the Joker offering clients the chance of throwing the dices again. For a better understanding of the promotion we used a “biscuit” cardboard. The two red & blue dices and the cardboard were placed in an unusual round box with two tops painted in two different colors (to accentuate the company’s corporate colors), on the box being written “Zero” to arouse the curiosity of the receivers.

Results: The client has chosen to run the campaign all year long, because the results were incredible. In one year almost all clients came to the showroom and, even if not all of them bought a new car, the sales grew and the same for the awareness of the new location.