Takko Fashion 5 years in Romania

Brief: After 5 years on the Romanian market, in September 2012 it was the moment for Takko Fashion to say hello to the Romanian journalists.

Action: It was a spectacular meeting and celebration! The event took place at the Diplomatic Club, where the two charismatic boys from “Black & White” band performed and introduced the interesting activities prepared for our 90 guests. Depending on the measure and color the fashion journalists had chosen by e-mail, as asked in the invitation, they received a nice shirt, in order to make them part of two teams. They watched a fashion show, each team having to decide the correct price of each outfit presented. The members of the winning team were rewarded with shopping vouchers. The Takko Fashion Romanian representatives had the chance to talk to the press and present the company philosophy. The media coverage of the event was exceptional – one more reason for winning Takko Fashion as a long term client.