Takko Fashion Press Event

Brief: Takko Fashion wanted a press event for presenting the fall collection. But the goal wasn’t just to display the new cloths, but to make journalists interact and fall in love with them.

Action: We thought: what do fashion journalists love the most? Fashion! Combining clothes and accessories, creating outfits, having dozens of fashion items to choose from. So we’ve engaged them in a contest consisting in creating 3 fall outfits: party, office and night out. It was very simple: an online application was designed for them to choose and combine the clothes from the new Takko Fashion collection. In the night of the event, the outfits were displayed on TV screens and each journalist had to vote 3 favorites outfits. The winners got shopping vouchers. Another question was ‘where do fashion journalists like to party’? A glamorous, innovative club was the correct answer: Gaia Boutique Club. And what band would have them go wild? A band of 8 charming and talented boys would surely do the trick: Les Elephants Bizarres. And it did! 96 journalists felt in love with Takko Fashion.